Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On Thursday my class had hot shot tennis at hot shot tennis the coach was nick at hot shot tennis we were seeing how many times we could it the ball so it would not touch the ground. Then we had to hit it on the ground with the string then the outside and then the bottom after we went into a team of four you had to balance a ball on your racket and go round a cone. After you did that another person put there racket on top of your ball and they also balanced a ball on there racket after we had done that it was finished.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On Friday I went to touch rugby my mum could not take me so I went in Celeste's car Miles and Charlie were also in her car. We were going to touch it was at the park just over from the beach it was the first time I had ever played a touch rugby game. I was really excited there were nine people on at once Miles got the first try then the other team scored. So it was a tie after Celeste dropped me off at my dads work I went in and said hello to my dad. After a while we got pizza it was a excellent day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On Saturday I went to Motueka there I went to my grandmas house I said hello then ran onto the golf course with piper I tackled her to the ground once then she got up and run away. I tackled her again after we went back in to my grandmas house my grandma and auntie had just stopped painting so we got some pineapple and chocolate I went outside to eat the chocolate. After I played with Billie and Poppy  I was letting Billie bite my arm because she is my dog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yesterday Reuben went to my house at my house Reuben started throwing trashies at me then I started throwing them back at him. When we were playing my mum put cheese and crackers on a table outside I got them but then Reuben hit me with a trashie. I was going to dart away but my mum said we should  have a water fight I thought it was a good idea so Reuben and me grabbed a water gun and ran away. I hit Reuben first because I was hiding in the bushes and he walked past me then we stopped the game and played on the i pad after Reubens mum took Reuben home.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yesterday my class had futsal Ben was teaching us we got a partner and mine was Reuben we passed for a while then Ben said we could tackle each other. Reuben got it off me twice but I had it for longer then we played a game of futsal in my team there was Eve,Niamh,Celeste and Jack also some other people. We started playing I was goal keeper Charlie scored the first goal then Celeste scored and went goal keeper Charlie scored so it was two one but then Eve went goal keeper and Celeste scored. After a while I scored the winning goal it was a fun game. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On Tuesday after school my mum let me and Piper get a handful of chips when we got there I saw Archie then my mum asked if Archie could come to my house. Archie's mum had to go to a meeting till 4:30 so she said Archie could come to my house.At my house piper started chasing us with a fake light sabre then we went in the laundry and locked the door piper found us then I told Archie to open the window. So when we did that piper put the light sabre in the laundry and then I lifted the sabre out of her hands after she went away and stopped.  Then Archie started shooting me with a Nerf gun I was dodging the bullets after that Archie went home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

at futsal

Yesterday my class had futsal with a guy called Ben. first he said to get a buddy I got Reuben. Ben said to pass to each other we did it until Ben said stop. Then Ben said to juggle only with your feet my best was seven same with Reuben's best score. Then he said juggle only with your knees my best score was four same with Reuben's score. Then we played a game were you had to follow the person with the ball after a while we were aloud to tackle anybody with a ball Ben tried to get the ball off me but he couldn't then it was finished I went back to class.